Water Damage Restoration Checklist

Water Damage Restoration Checklist

There are 2,706 properties in Salinas that are at risk of getting water damaged in the next 30 years. This is more likely to happen, with a chance of more than 26%. These places make up about 21% of all the properties in Salina. If your property has been damaged by water, it’s crucial to … Read more

Common Mistakes We Avoid While Water Damage Restoration?

Common Mistakes We Avoid While Water Damage Restoration

Professional water damage restoration experts at Monterey Bay Solutions know how to avoid common mistakes by following a systematic and experienced approach to handling water damage situations.  Common Mistakes We Avoid While Water Damage Restoration? Here are some common mistakes to avoid: Waiting Too Long If you don’t take care of water that’s sitting around … Read more

How We Repair Water Damaged Ceiling?

Repairing Water Damaged Ceiling

Water damage stains in the ceiling are pretty common in Salinas, California.  If you ignore them, it can cause health and safety issues. Ceiling fixing depends on how bad the water damage is and how fast you act. How Do We Fix Water Damage in Ceiling? Our water damage restoration experts use a series of … Read more

How We Detect Moisture in the Walls?

Detect Moisture in the Walls

Walls are frequently affected when there’s flooding, leaks, or other water problems in Salinas, California.  You can notice some signs of damage easily, but some are harder to see until the damage is serious.  If you don’t act quickly, the damage can spread fast, causing bigger problems that are more costly to fix. How Do … Read more

How We Determine Old and New Water Damage?

Determine Old and New Water Damage

Water damage can be a big problem and quite expensive to fix. Many homeowners have faced this issue at some point in Salinas, California.  Sometimes, water damage can happen without you realizing it. If you don’t take care of it quickly, mold can grow in your home, which can be harmful to your health.  Fixing … Read more

How We Deal With Appliances After Water Damage?

How We Deal With Appliances After Water Damage?

If your property in Salinas, California faces water damage due to flooding, you might wonder if your appliances are still safe to use.  Before we help you with the cleanup process and determine if your appliances can be recovered, here are a few precautions that you must take before we arrive. Precautions For You After … Read more

How We Fix Water Damage on Baseboards?

Water Damage on Baseboards

Unfortunately, water damage is a common hassle that affects many in Salinas. It has a 26% chance of flooding at least once over the life of a 30-year mortgage.  You may be surprised to learn that water can seep into the baseboards, ruining their appearance and even causing mold growth.  For serious damage, hiring pros … Read more