How We Fix Water Damage on Baseboards?

Unfortunately, water damage is a common hassle that affects many in Salinas. It has a 26% chance of flooding at least once over the life of a 30-year mortgage. 

You may be surprised to learn that water can seep into the baseboards, ruining their appearance and even causing mold growth. 

For serious damage, hiring pros is best.

How We Fix Water Damage on Baseboards?

Here’s how we fix water damage on baseboards

1. Inspect Water Damage On Baseboards

First, we look for peeling paint, stains, dampness, or mold on your baseboards. If they’re detaching from the wall, it’s a clear sign of water damage.

2. We Bring the Right Tools And Materials

We bring tools like a pry bar, hammer, drill, and materials like adhesive, paint, molding, and more to fix water damage on baseboards.

3. Remove The Damaged Area

We use the right tools to take off damaged baseboards safely.

4. Clean Drywall

After removing the baseboards, we cleaned the wall with a sander.

5. Measurements And Cuts

We measure old baseboards for new ones that fit perfectly.

6. Paint The New Baseboard

We paint new baseboards before installing them to avoid mess on floors.

7. Install Your New Baseboard

We glue and nail new baseboards and clean up any residue.

If you need expert Water Damage Restoration services in Salinas, California, look no further than Monterey Bay Solutions. Our skilled team is dedicated to top-quality water extraction and mitigation, 24/7.

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