How We Deal With Appliances After Water Damage?

If your property in Salinas, California faces water damage due to flooding, you might wonder if your appliances are still safe to use. 

Before we help you with the cleanup process and determine if your appliances can be recovered, here are a few precautions that you must take before we arrive.

Precautions For You After Water Damage:

  • Avoid turning on appliances after a flood. Even if they seem dry, they can be dangerous.
  • Turning on heating or cooling can spread mold so avoid it.
  • If these appliances were running during a flood, they might still have mold

Factors in Decision:

The main factors in whether you can use your appliances after a flood are:

  • Time submerged
  • Level of contamination in water
  • Safety risks for short circuits
  • Insurance coverage
  • Warranties and repair costs
  • Age of appliance

Safety Measures:

  • Contact the utility company to turn off the electricity.
  • Avoid rooms with standing water and damaged appliances.
  • Don’t use matches, lights, or electronic devices near water-damaged appliances.
  • If insulation or electrical parts are wet, appliances might not be salvageable.

How We Deal With Appliances After Water Damage?


  • We clean contaminants and mold using non-corrosive solutions.
  • We make sure our tools and materials are safe to use on electrical appliances and free of bleach, ammonia, or acids.


  • We dispose of appliances that are beyond repair according to local guidelines.
  • We separate hazardous waste and dispose of it properly.
  • We tape shut the large appliances like refrigerators for safety.

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