Residential Water Damage Restoration

Dry out your worries with the best water damage repair services in Salinas, US.


Our Water Damage Repair Process

Water damage can be extensive and time-sensitive. Act quickly to minimize damage and prevent mold and bacteria growth is crucial. Our team is equipped with the latest tools and technology to provide efficient and effective water damage repair services.


Our team will respond promptly to your call for water damage repair services.


Our technician will inspect the affected area to determine the extent of the water damage and the best repair method to use.

Surface Preparation:

We will move any furniture or decor that may be in the way and protect any surrounding surfaces that may be affected during the repair process.

Water Extraction:

We will remove as much water as possible from the affected area using state-of-the-art water extraction equipment to minimize damage.


We will use specialized air movers and dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry the affected area, including the floors, walls, and ceilings, as quickly as possible to prevent mold and bacteria growth.


We will clean the affected area to remove any dirt, grime, and stains that the water damage may have left behind.


We will use an effective deodorizer to remove any unpleasant odors caused by the water damage.


If necessary, we will repair any damage to the affected area, such as walls, floors, or ceilings, to restore it to its original condition.

Final Inspection:

Our technician will inspect the affected area to ensure it is fully repaired and restored to its pre-damage condition.


We advise on how to prevent future water damage and provide recommendations for regular maintenance to protect your home or building from future water damage.    

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    Residential Water Damage Restoration

    Salinas, CA water damage repair service consists of examining a home or business and carefully removing water without further damage to the property. The professionals at Monterey Bay Solutions always deliver to our clients completed projects with accurate workmanship.


    Christina C.
    Unbelievable service !!!!!  Super friendly and very knowledgeable....Will definitely call on them again and will recommend to all my friends....Thank you are amazing !!
    James M.
    We recently had a pinhole leak in a water pipe above the ceiling in the guest bathroom. The leak went unnoticed for a few days apparently; then we noticed water on the hallway floor that would appear as we walked on it and the paint was bubbling on the ceiling. Once the plumbing issue was fixed, we contacted Monterey Bay Solutions and they were quick to respond. Ismael  came out almost immediately, checked things over and informed us that we had water damage in the ceilings of the bathroom and the laundry room plus two walls and the floor. They were quick to remove the affected areas and begin the drying/dehumidifying process before an issue of mold began. They worked quickly, were very professional and very courteous. To look at the ceilings and walls now you would never know there had been work done. That is not all! A short time later we had another issue that affected a smaller portion of one of the walls that had been repaired and they fixed that as well as part of a follow-up service. They also did a remarkable job of keeping the work area clean at the end of their day. We hope we won't need to do this again but if we do we will call Monterey Bay Solutions. Highly recommended!!
    Paul C.
    A few months after a water pipe leak inside a wall of my house was repaired, a significant mold issue occurred in one of the bedrooms near the leak where water had seeped into sheetrock and under hardwood flooring near the wall. My tenants were upset and worried. After calling Monterey Bay Solutions, Ishmael came out the very next day and made a thorough inspection and offered a very reasonable, practical, and safe mitigation plan. He did not exaggerate or sugar coat the potential problem and extent of mitigation needed. He was positive and practical, easing my mind and the minds of my tenants. The work he and his crew did was prompt and professional and followed the schedule that was laid out at the outset. When finished, we had lab tested air samples that were clear of harmful mold spores and a room that looked as good as new. Months later when another small mold issue surfaced in a nearby closet area, Ishmael and crew were back the very next day. The same thorough mitigation and testing process was applied to the closet space. The callback work was handled just as promptly and professionally as the original work and was considered a follow-up service with no additional billing. I highly recommend Ishmael and his crew at Monterey Bay Solutions for any water damage restoration work
    Betty Lou Colello
    Ismael Hernandez was very professional, informative and knowledgeable. He explained mold growth and remediation and offered several different options to solve our problem. He was amazing and we would definitely utilize his expertise and knowledge, again.
    Alexander Galvan
    I called Monterey Bay Solutions for the water damage we unfortunately had to deal with in our guest bathroom. They quickly took care of our problem and we had our bathroom back in no time. Thanks again!
    Shahnaz Otanian
    High integrity company who does a great job. I would not hesitate hiring this company again.

    Residential Water Damage Restoration Features

    Rapid Response

      Our water damage restoration service is designed to respond quickly to your needs, ensuring that we are on site as soon as possible to address the problem. This is especially important in cases where time is of the essence, such as flood, storm, or heavy rain damage.  

    Advanced Water Extraction Equipment

    We use state-of-the-art water extraction equipment to quickly and efficiently remove water from your property. This includes powerful pumps, industrial strength vacuums, and specialized tools for hard-to-reach areas.

    Structural Drying

    Our flood damage restoration service includes the use of advanced drying and dehumidifying equipment to remove moisture from the affected area, including walls, ceilings and floors. This helps to prevent mold and mildew growth, as well as structural damage to your property.

    Comprehensive Damage Assessment

    Our team will perform a thorough assessment of the damage caused by the flood, including any potential structural damage, and provide you with an estimate of the costs to repair and restore your property. We also help to coordinate with your insurance company if needed, and work with different contractors if needed.

    With years of experience, clients don’t have to wonder if their water damage repair work is being done right. We guarantee it. As always, the team at Monterey Bay Solutions will make sure that all guidelines are met to save our clients any unnecessary hassle.

    In difference to other businesses in Salinas, CA, we want to see that our customers have a completely, satisfying experience working with us. Customers deserve the best when they hire a water damage repair business, and they should expect the best when they use Monterey Bay Solutions.

    Whatever the need, our seasoned professionals will be happy to see that everything is taken care of and that the completed work is satisfactory. When water damage extraction is necessary, our experienced crew will handle the job in a polite and professional manner. Telephone us immediately to speak with one of our representatives!

    Most water damage repair companies in the Salinas, CA area only offer a limited number of water removal services, but Monterey Bay Solutions provides Salinas residents with whatever services they need, including wet carpet restoration. Our experts will establish the true needs of your property to assist with extracting the water out of your home or business and getting the repairs done swiftly. Since customers are our number one priority, your complete satisfaction is the goal. Monterey Bay Solutions delivers craftsmanship with precision and accuracy. Our specialists utilize high quality products, as well as the right equipment, when cleaning the interior of your home or business in order to get the results that you want. We verify that our choice is correct and verify all the details on the project with you to make sure we understand precisely what you are expecting.

    We make sure that furniture, tables, and objects are completely covered and protected before we began. We prepare all the surfaces to be restored carefully, knowing how significant prep work is to a good water damage repair job. Only after we have completed the prep, do we began water damage repair service. The result of our process is a stunning job for your residential or commercial property that will lasts for years. Furthermore, we want you have a pleasant experience working with us. For property owners, our experienced staff can perform water damage assessment before a project is started. We understand the significance of retaining property, which in turn saves time and money for the home or business owner. You will find that with us, getting water damage repair doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

    Receiving water damage repair service for your home or business can potentially cause a problem with neighbors, the block association, and city bureaucrats. Allow Monterey Bay Solutions to provide assistance in order to keep you away from any potential confrontational situations. To get repair service to your living or work space due to water damage, use Monterey Bay Solutions!